i scream. you scream.

Nani eating a Frosty Paw | Happy Monday.

We all scream for doggie ice cream.

Yesterday, 90̊  temps (and no air conditioning) called for Nani’s FAVORITE treat in the whooole world: a Frosty Paw. Though the clicks of my camera made her cringe, she didn’t let it stop her from licking.

Happy Hot Summer Monday, everyone.




the most [ridiculous dog] in the world.

The Most Ridiculous Dog in the World | Winston


I’m sure a lot of people can relate to having a spoiled pet, but our dog Winston gives us no other choice. He is hiiiigh maintenance. And instead of complaining about it, we all just shrug and take it. Why? Because he’s just so…charming. Sure, he’ll step on your feet, knock down the screen door, and whine like a baby when he’s left outside, but he knows how to make you melt. Humans are the center of his universe, and, somehow, he’s made himself the center of ours.



happy easter.

Easter Pit Bull

Easter Pit Bull

Happy Easter, folks! Have an eggs-ellent weekend.




just another dog photo

dog eating whipped cream


Just another dog photo to brighten your day…



happy valentine’s day from nani

valentine dog

Happy Valentine’s Day from Akula Kreative! Nani (our pit bull mix) was a good sport this morning and let me take some photos, so here is one to share…

Download Hi-Res Valentine’s Day Dog Photo (3.5″ by 5″)

This is free for personal use only. Enjoy!



happy monday.

dogs make everything better.




Paws in the Park 2012

Escondido Humane Society

We had a great time at last year’s Paws in the Park event, so we hope you’ll join in the effort to help animals in San Diego!

WHAT is Paws in the Park?
An annual fundraising event that involves a walk in the park and other fun activities for you and your dog(s)
WHEN is it?
Sunday, March 25, 2012 from 8am to noon
WHERE is it?
Kit Carson Park in Escondido, CA

The schedule is as follows:

8:00am : Registration and light breakfast, entertainment, and a special meet and greet
9:00am : Walk kickoff!
10:15am : Contests for you and your dog, including Canine Couture (come dressed to impress) and a Wet T-Shirt Contest (for the dogs, of course!)
11:00am – noon : Entertainment, giveaways, raffle, games, contests, pet confidence-building course and shopping at the Paw Vendor Expo, which will include such vendors as Scentsy, K-9 Dog Park and The Honest Kitchen!

So sign up, raise money (it doesn’t have to be a lot), then take a walk in a park with your pet(s)! Super easy and always fun.

REGISTER HERE and you’ll be set up with a free web page to help you in your fundraising efforts. We understand it’s not the easiest thing to hit up friends and family for cash, but you’ll be surprised how happy people will be to help. (Last year, we doubled our goal within the first few days of signing up.)

Why we support EHS:

In July of 2010, we signed up to foster a dog from the Escondido Humane Society. Her name was Nani (pronounced naw-nee), and she was a 6-year-old pit bull mix with a LOT of issues. She was so stressed out at the shelter that she had to be placed in foster care. When we met her for the first time, she hid behind a chair and trembled, avoiding eye contact and refusing to eat the treats in our hands. As owners of a boisterous, attention-hogging, people-loving pure bred golden retriever, Nani’s behavior was BAFFLING…until we learned about her situation. Apparently, she was found wandering the streets of San Marcos with another pit bull. Upon arriving at the shelter, two things happened: her companion was put to sleep (due to his aggressive behavior), and her unborn pups were aborted (due to fear they had parvo). Needless to say, she was traumatized. Pack that on to a history of abuse. Fast forward to now…Nani is still learning to trust strangers and new dogs, but in the comfort and safety of our home, you would have no idea she’s had such a rough past. Last year, during our walk at Paws in the Park, we ran into Nani’s original foster family (including her favorite chihuahua). She was SO excited to see them she jumped into their arms and licked their faces clean. We joined the other group for the rest of the walk, and it was so wonderful to watch her act like a normal dog!

Anyway, if you were curious about the mysterious dog that appears everywhere, it’s Nani!

Nani's Custom Dog Portrait





a love-a-bull valentine’s day | special edition letterpress card

pit bull valentine's day card

It’s a Valentine for pit bull and dog lovers everywhere! Check it out in our Etsy shop by clicking HERE.

Greeting : None (Blank Inside)
Size : 4 Bar (3.5″ x 4.875″ folded)
Fold : Top
Ink : Soy-Based, Pantone BlackU
Stock : 100% Cotton, Brilliant White (tree-free, archival, acid-free, recyclable & biodegradable)
Printing : Letterpressed in limited quantities in the U.S.A.

Quantity : 1 Card with 1 Envelope in RED

Meet Nani, our pit bull mix. Once a quivering bundle of fear at the Humane Society, Nani has become an integral part of our family. She enjoys napping in the sun, chewing on tape and superglue without permission, and dismembering and de-fluffing new toys. The background of this card features a dog-bone pattern in the lightest of light grays.

pit bull valentine's day card

* This special edition card comes with a coin envelope filled with hand-punched heart-shaped confetti and one blank, unattached pink banner. Think of it as a very simple DIY kit. You write your own message and attach it to the card wherever you like, then you fill the red envelope with confetti. Ta-da!

For FREE SHIPPING in February, use coupon code BEMYVALENTINE at checkout!

A portion of the proceeds from all dog cards will go to animal charities in San Diego.




tiny confessions

Tiny Confessions | 01.23.2012

Tiny Confessions art prints are back on! All 8 x 10 prints are on sale for $16.

Tiny Confessions is a collection of prints that give insight into the secret thoughts of pets and pop-culture characters. Christopher Rozzi draws from his talents as an artist and comedian to produce intimate portraits that will make you gasp with laughter and surprised recognition. 

Like we said before…we love animals with a dry sense of humor.