love your city.

Love Your City [pinit]

If I ever have a pen and paper in hand, I can't help but doodle. I don't know why. Most of the time I just practice re-writing what is already on the page in different fonts. Script. Serif. Sans serif. Big type. Tiny type.

I don't doodle because I'm a master at drawing. Haaardly. I doodle because my brain seems to be unable to shut itself off when it comes to creating, visualizing, and perfecting things. Think of it as ADD meets OCD. This is why I LOVE designing (logos, especially). Give me a logo project and it will be all I think about all day. In the car. On the phone. In bed. While I'm watching tv. I'll continue brainstorming and sketching until that glorious moment arrives...when I exhale in relief and say "That's IT."

The mark up top originated from a doodle I made this morning during church. (Yes, I was paying attention.) I didn't hem and haw over it like I do with client projects - I just made it for fun. I was inspired by the new series in church and I decided to make it more official.

What does it mean? It means exactly what it says: LOVE YOUR CITY. Take care of it. VOLUNTEER. Do something. (To learn more about the message of Pervasive Hope, click on the image.)

Regardless of whether not it's of your taste, [good] design makes simple messages MEMORABLE. It communicates the big picture as quickly as possible, in as few strokes as possible. So feel free to pin, share, or download my little graphic to encourage your city to take part.