My Private Jeweler, Inc. | a packaging project

My Private Jeweler | Jewelry Packaging Remember the luxury stationery suite we made for My Private Jeweler, Inc.? To coordinate with the sapphire-inspired color palette, we recently put together some custom jewelry packaging for them.

Since they only needed a few packages for upcoming charity auctions, we decided the best plan of attack would be to do everything by hand. After all, it would be highly unlikely we'd find a manufacturer willing to make four 5 x 5 boxes in a variety of white and silver patterns. On top of that, we needed separately wrapped tops and bottoms to allow the jewelry to be displayed then packaged quickly and easily after each event.

In the end, we decided the best solution would be to create the boxes from scratch using high quality card stock. Using a custom box template, we were able to create exactly what we needed.

My Private Jeweler | Jewelry Packaging

Sometimes you have to get creative (and crafty) to find the best solution that fits your time-frame, budget, and branding. While it was tempting to buy pre-made packaging, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to reinforce the new brand - even if it required a little extra effort.