creative (and entertaining) gift wrap

Nested Box Gift Wrap Joke So...last Christmas my brother decided to wrap my present (a check) inside an envelope...inside a bunch of tissue paper...inside a box...inside a larger box...inside a larger box...inside a really big box. This year, for his birthday, I retaliated. Using a set of 12 colorful nested boxes from The Container Store, I added a small strip of washi tape to each box top and wrote the following...

Nested Box 1

Nested Box 2

Nested Box 3

Nested Box 4

Nested Box 5

Nested Box 6

Nested Box 7

Nested Box 8

Nested Box 9

Nested Box 10

Nested Box 11

Nested Box 11 Opened

If you are as immature—and as easily entertained—as my brother and I, and you ever need to wrap a small gift (or engagement ring!), I highly recommend using nested boxes. BTW: You can find washi tape in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. I find mine HERE. The beauty of this tape is that you can easily remove it from most coated surfaces, so there's no need to worry about ruining your wonderful boxes.

Unfortunately, this set cannot be purchased online, but I bet you can find it at (or order it from) your local Container Store.