Karbon Speed | product photography

Karbon Speed | Photo 2 Karbon Speed | Photo 1

Karbon Speed | Photo 3

Karbon Speed | Rear Wheel Photo

It seems that our plan to focus on fewer design services this year has been foiled once again!

Meet: Karbon Speed, a start-up based in Dallas that will soon be offering high-speed triathlon bike wheels direct to the consumer.

Karbon Speed: "We need help editing a logo design. Can you get this back to us in 1-2 days?" Akula Kreative: "Ummm. Ok." Karbon Speed: "Awesome."

Fast forward 1 week.

Karbon Speed: "Now we need a few product photos. Do you do that?" Akula Kreative: "Not really. We're not professional photograph—" Karbon Speed: "But we reeeeeally need them. Tomorrow."

What can we say. We're suckers for desperate requests by clients. The photos we took are not perfect by any means, but under the circumstances we're somewhat proud of ourselves. With a few lamps, a roll of white paper, a camera, Photoshop, and a little creativity, we found a solution that fit Karbon Speed's needs.

We'll announce the official launch of their company this summer, so stay tuned!