a stop at Senekeo Embossing

This afternoon I stopped by the print shop to do a foil-stamp press check for a client's business card. Even though press checking seems tedious at times, I love it...especially when the printers take the time to show me the equipment. When I first got into graphic design, I figured, printing is printing. You design something, then you send a file to the printer to print it. Though it can be that simple with some full-color digital and offset printers, the reality is, printing is an art. It requires careful craftsmanship and a wealth of experience. Lucky for me, our local printers are happy to share their knowledge with me. I never leave without learning something new.

I could go on for days about the intricacies of various printing processes, but you'll probably find it more interesting to just look at some pictures. Rick at Senekeo Embossing let me snap a few to share...

This is the machine being used to foil stamp a lemon slice graphic onto the Define Bottle business card:

what a foil stamp machine looks like

Below, you can see the custom metal plate. The light-colored areas near the corners are the lemon slices. The "ribbon" of foil was pushed aside so I could see the plate, but normally these yellow strips would be directly over the lemon slices so the foil can be stamped onto the paper.

what does a foil stamp machine look like

The plate you see near the center of the photo below is where the paper sits:

what does a foil stamp machine look like

We'll be sure to post photos of Define Bottle's branding when it's back from the printer, so stay tuned!