a stop at In to Ink

Press Checking at the Letterpress Shop Like I mentioned earlier, press checking is something of a treat for me. I never leave without learning something new, and I have the wonderful team at In to Ink to thank for that. Today, for example, I stopped by to take a look at our letterpress Christmas cards that were supposed to be printed "blind" (aka, without ink) on white cotton paper. In my head, I thought it would look really elegant, but when I saw the sample I quickly realized a lot of the detail was lost without ink. Most other printers would have just run the job without thinking twice, leaving me with several hundred cards that were cute but mediocre. Instead, Larry (the letterpress expert at In to Ink) laid a swatch book on the table and asked, "So, what color do you want to try?" About twenty test prints and three roller-cleanings later, I ended up with a metallic silver with a hint of purple and a tint base swept with copper dust. Umm, never in a million years would I have come up with those sitting in front of a computer!

Lucky for me, I've found a gem of a printer that not only looks out for my best interests (i.e., our clients' best interests), but lets me participate in the process every step of the way.

Here's a sneak peek at our new letterpress card:

Letterpress dog Christmas card