winner, winner, chicken liver!

Mutt Love Photography We're excited to announce the WINNER of our Cat Photo Contest :: Teann of Mutt Love Photography!

Believe it or not, Teann is a photographer all the way up in Edmonton, Canada. (Brrrrr!) We've sent a donation to Teann's favorite animal organization, Rescue For Life, and we're hoping it helps keep a few more animals warm and cozy this winter. (Rescue for Life is a no-kill dog and cat rescue group in Alberta. If you'd like to read more about it, click HERE.)

Here's a little recap of what Teann does:

[quote]I love the challenge and the joy of working with dogs (and all critters for that matter!) I feel that photography is a way to honour their unconditional love by capturing all the little things that bring such great joy to our lives.[/quote]

Though she does own a cat named Motley, Teann shot this kitty (with her camera) while on vacation in Greece. We love everything about the photo: the feline silhouette, the composition, the textures, the white-on-white, the unmistakeably GREEK blue door... Isn't it wonderful??

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted a photo! While we're admittedly more "dog people" than "cat people," looking at all of your cat photos made us want one. Unfortunately, one third of us is allergic.

Anyway...We'll be sure to post the finished letterpress card (based on this photo) when it's off the press. Don't forget to check out Teann's other great photos, too ::

[typography font="Dancing Script" size="18" size_format="px" color="#000000"]congrats, teann and cat![/typography]