the first of our goodbyes

Rebecca and Nani

[typography font="Dancing Script" size="20" size_format="px" color="#000000"]for my delicious doggy cupcake![/typography]

Today was the first of our goodbyes...

Oh wait. Don't worry, we're not abandoning the dog. We're parting with Rebecca, our awesome + amazing graphic design assistant. (We tried to convince her to come with us, but we lost out to her husband.)

Though we'll miss having her in the studio, we know she'll continue to grow and do exciting work outside of Akula Kreative. In fact, we already have plans to partner with her on a few upcoming projects. She'll also stay on as our eyes (and hands) for press checks at the local printers we've come to love.

Thank you, Rebecca, for your creativity, willingness to learn, and honest feedback...for your patience at the post office and pick-ups at the printers...for your enthusiasm for crafts and passion for paper...for being one of Nani's favorite humans...and, most of all, for your friendship. :) We wish you the very, VERY best and welcome you to visit Austin any time!