a library-themed birthday brunch invitation

Library-Themed Birthday Brunch Invitation by Akula Kreative // Photos by Caroline Tran

Photos by Caroline Tran



Here they are: the feminine (yet quirky) book-style invitations we made for my mom's foodie-meets-bookworm affair (i.e., library birthday brunch)!

To provide some background on the cover design, my brothers and I have a running list of what we call "Momisms." From mixing up words and making up her own, to saying things only she could get away with (like staring at my 33 year-old brother asking him, "Why aren't you doing something for me right now?!!")...we decided a few years ago to begin documenting her noteworthy utterances via iPhone Notes. Little did we know they'd come in handy when I needed a book title for her birthday invite!

The invitation was printed digitally on papaya cover and blush text stock, "bound" using a 1/4" hole punch and gold tinsel, then stuffed in an antique gold envelope. Simple bookmarks (long enough for cookbooks) made with cotton ribbon and custom wax seals provided a fun little gift for guests.

Stay tuned for photos of the library-themed décor! If you missed the Sneak Peek, see it here!