a backyard-dove-inspired color palette

a backyard-dove-inspired color palette // pastels, green, peach [pinit]


This summer, we watched a pair of doves raise their babies in the tiny tree out back. As weeks passed, we couldn't help but marvel at their dedication: if they weren't sweating it out in 105-degree heat, they were getting pelted by giant drops of rain. Then...finally...we saw two brown chicks appear. They grew quickly, and before we knew it the nest looked severely overcrowded.

Dove Nest with Grown Babies

I started watching the nest every morning, trying to get a glimpse of a first flight, but no luck. Then I looked out the window one rainy day to find an empty nest and Mom or Dad waiting on the fence. (That's when I took the picture up top.) At first, I thought the babies were on a temporary excursion, but by nightfall the adult finally left and that was that.

Watching the process from start to finish was so fun...it's amazing to see animals raise their young.

Oh...I'm loving this pastel palette of greens and peaches, too. :) Organic, airy, and incredibly calming...

Happy Friday!

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