ditching soda and winning races

Recent press for our clients | Define Bottle and Butterfield Racing It's been an INCREDIBLE week for two of our clients: Define Bottle and Butterfield Racing.

First, 15 year-old Carter Kostler of Define Bottle was featured on Shark Tank this past Friday on ABC. He and his parents have worked SO hard on their beautiful fruit-infused water bottle, and we couldn't be more excited about their recent exposure. Carter, you had an amazing presentation and we are truly in awe of your composure and business savvy. Way to go!

Check out the full episode HERE and Define Bottle products HERE.

Second, Tyler Butterfield won the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon on Saturday! Having personally trudged through a single marathon at a leisurely, amateur pace, I cannot fathom what a competitive triathlon feels like either physically or mentally. What makes this even more special is that Tyler's wife, Nikki Butterfield, won the same race just two years ago. (Both wins have come after recently having children, too!) Tyler and Nikki, in addition to your collection of national titles, you also win the Most Fit Couple Award.

Watch Tyler's post-race interview HERE.

Huuuuge congratulations to Define Bottle and Butterfield Racing!!! Spectacular.