meet our new designer!


Ladies and gents, please welcome our new Designer + Pop-Up Shop Manager, KELLY!

Kelly not only helps us with paper projects like wedding invitations, but she's also in charge of keeping our Pop-Up Shop customers smiling. With over 8 years of design experience—2 of which she spent running her own invitation shop on Etsy—we are so excited for her to join our team!

Now it's time to play a game called "Get To Know Kelly." Ready set go.


Far Hills, NJ. Yup, I’m a Jersey girl! It’s hard to say it’s my home town though because my family loved to move around a lot. They’re still all over the place now - New York, Chicago, San Fran and Charleston. How long do you have to live in a place to call it your home town? That's the question I've had all of my life. Ha. But Austin is home now...and forever, hopefully.

Cities you've lived in:

Palm Beach, New York, Charleston, Savannah, Austin.

Three things you dream about:

  1. Traveling the world is probably what I dream about most. I want to go to exotic places like India and Morocco to take in the culture, colors and design that inspires me.
  2. Going hang gliding. I’m not exactly an adrenaline junkie but have always wanted to "fly."
  3. Starting an organization that feeds orphans and widows and teaching/incorporating art within it somehow.

Something you lose sleep over (as a designer):

Typefaces I must have. I have a list and I keep going back to them like you would with something you saw in a store but can't buy just yet.

Three favorite things to do (other than work for Akula Kreative):

Get outside! I love to hike, travel and do artsy stuff like paint and take photos.

Pet names? 

Bear and Wilson. Wilson is my mini dachshund’s name. We named him after a song from my husband Matt’s favorite band, Phish. He’s a super fan but I just like the name. Some future pet names on my list are Sawyer, Parker, Bill Murray - I know, random, but I love the idea of naming pets after famous people.

The food you crave most often:

Definitely tacos. Austin has made me addicted and Tacodeli is my favorite, though there are lots of amazing authentic places on the East Side I love, too.

One goal in life (other than to wear red lipstick like a champ):

To love people well.


Ok, if that didn't make you smile, you're in a bad mood.

When you have a [very] small business like ours, hiring even a part-time person is reeeally tricky. Technical qualifications are important, but attitude and strength of character are the deal-makers. We are blessed to have met not one, but two genuinely GOOD people through our patented (not really) and somewhat unconventional application process.

WELCOME to Akula Kreative, Kelly! So happy you're here. :)