let her eat cake.

Let her eat cake. Custom cake banner by Akula Kreative | Photo by Caroline Tran PHOTO SHOOT SNEAK PEEK | PHOTO BY CAROLINE TRAN

That's sound advice for keeping your wife happy. :)

From writing a branding workbook and revamping brands, to working on my first ever interior design photo shoot—for which, just to be clear, I did neither the interior design nor the photography—the past few weeks have been PACKED with projects. (BTW, I'm sorry for slacking on Friday color palettes. My schedule has just been crazy!)

Anyway...stay tuned for project news, our next Pop-Up Shop opening dates, aaaand a *FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY* to celebrate our li'l milestone of 1,000 likes!

As always, please plan ahead and book early! This fall is going to be FULL. (Of cake.)