travel | Italy :: part I

You'd think a trip to Italy would mean photos of quaint towns and artistic masterpieces, but I decided to begin with cats and dogs. Sorry! Every time I see an animal, I have to stop, hold my breath, and look at Andrew with the "Can I have one, puh-leeeeeeeez?!!" look. Don't worry...the touristy shots will follow!


The Cats and Dogs of Italy // Akula Kreative




Venice, Italy // Akula Kreative


Venice is a magical place. Romantic, beautiful, and rich in history. If you've never been, give it priority on the bucket list. Oh, and try not to arrive on Martedí Grasso.

Stay tuned for more highlights from Murano, Florence, Amalfi, and Rome...

Happy Monday!

a rosette-inspired color palette

a rosette-inspired color palette // pastels, blue, green, stone, pink // Florence Cathedral [pinit]


Today's inspiration comes from the marble façade of the beautiful Florence Cathedral. I'm so glad I could zoom in because you really can't appreciate the color or detail from the ground. The various shades of blue, green, and pink are exquisite!




Details of the Florence Cathedral // Akula Kreative

Here are a few fun facts about the duomo:

  • Structural work on the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore was begun in 1296 and completed in 1436.
  • The brick dome by Filippo Brunelleschi remains the largest ever built. (The cathedral was without a dome for the first 100 years of construction.)
  • Something I will never forget as an Art History major—Ghiberti's bronze doors on the Baptistery, known as the "Gates of Paradise"—took 21 years to complete.

Happy History Friday!

a valentine-inspired color palette

a Valentine-inspired color palette // yellow, orange, pink, dusty miller [pinit]


I love that, in lieu of flowers today, Andrew brought home cupcakes for me, cookies for the dog, and offered to wash my car. For me, creativity is more romantic than all the red roses in the world. :)

In my quest for something a bit unexpected, I offer up this Valentine's Day color palette based on an arrangement I made myself! (I'm kind of proud of it.) It's a mix of peach and pink garden roses, yellow daffodils, dusty miller, and a "nodding pincushion" protea. To quickly "style" it, I used gold paper letters custom cut by Barney Design.


Happy Friday to everyone we love, including our families, friends, and wonderful clients! I hope this bouquet brightens your day.

Happy Valentine's Day from Akula Kreative


This one can be used as a Facebook Cover Photo. Just right-click to download!

Free LOVE-inspired Facebook Cover Photo // Akula Kreative

our christmas photo shoot | "black tie texas"

Merry Christmas from Austin! We don't normally post photos of ourselves on the blog, but I wanted to share a special photo session we did with Houston-based wedding photographer Kimberly Chau. Styled Christmas Shoot // Akula Kreative // "Black Tie Texas" // by Kimberly Chau Photography


The theme :: "Black Tie Texas" formal clothes, boots, and light-hearted hunting props in a pretty outdoor setting


Andrew wore a traditional black bow tie and suit, and I got to wear the dress from our wedding rehearsal dinner. (Perfect excuse to break it out again, right?)

Of course, I got carried away prepping the props...

I made the banner above with black chalkboard wrapping paper, chalk pens, and painted gold sticks. (It doubled as a Christmas decoration in our house.)

Styled Photo Shoot // "Black Tie Texas" Hunting Theme // Akula Kreative // by Kimberly Chau Photography

I debated whether or not this took things too far, but I still thought it was funny. We found this pop-gun at Cabela's and I decided it needed to be a part of this.

Styled Christmas Shoot // Akula Kreative // "Black Tie Texas" // by Kimberly Chau Photography

For the fox mask, I used a mask form, sheets of felt, and hot glue. What's funny is that you can't see ANYTHING when the mask is I guess it's for the best we didn't use it for Halloween. Andrew cut and sanded a branch to make the slingshot in his pocket. (So handy!)

Merry Christmas from Austin! Huge thanks to Kimberly Chau Photography of Houston, Texas for our fun outdoor session...the light could not have been captured more beautifully!

Ahh, the portraits. Andrew looks quite cute and charming in this one. As for me...well...I'm the most awkward poser ever, but this one is ok because it highlights the gorgeous gold head wreath Chris Ching made for me! I asked her to create something "woodsy yet formal" and she crafted the most beautiful twiggy headband I've ever seen.

Styled Photo Shoot // Akula Kreative // "Black Tie Texas" // by Kimberly Chau Photography

I love this photo because it shows the real "us." I'm laughing at Andrew and Nani is staring at (i.e., stalking) another dog across the park.

Styled Photo Shoot // Akula Kreative // "Black Tie Texas" // by Kimberly Chau Photography

Huge thanks to Kimberly for driving all the way to Austin for our fun outdoor session...the light could not have been captured more beautifully! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you a very Happy New Year!!


Akula Kreative


"What does the fox say?" // DIY Fox Mask



a backyard-dove-inspired color palette

a backyard-dove-inspired color palette // pastels, green, peach [pinit]


This summer, we watched a pair of doves raise their babies in the tiny tree out back. As weeks passed, we couldn't help but marvel at their dedication: if they weren't sweating it out in 105-degree heat, they were getting pelted by giant drops of rain. Then...finally...we saw two brown chicks appear. They grew quickly, and before we knew it the nest looked severely overcrowded.

Dove Nest with Grown Babies

I started watching the nest every morning, trying to get a glimpse of a first flight, but no luck. Then I looked out the window one rainy day to find an empty nest and Mom or Dad waiting on the fence. (That's when I took the picture up top.) At first, I thought the babies were on a temporary excursion, but by nightfall the adult finally left and that was that.

Watching the process from start to finish was so's amazing to see animals raise their young.

Oh...I'm loving this pastel palette of greens and peaches, too. :) Organic, airy, and incredibly calming...

Happy Friday!

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an allium-inspired color palette

an allium-inspired color palette // pastel, purple, lavender, green, allium sphaerocephalon [pinit]


This week's color palette is based on a pretty, petite bloom called allium sphaerocephalon, or "round headed leek." (BTW // It took me a solid 20-30 minutes to identify it this morning. I fiiinally struck gold after describing it as an "egg-shaped purple cluster flower." :)

The pink, purple, and green pastels are a great foundation for a cool, refreshing color palette!

Happy Friday!

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