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You know what one of my favorite perks is at a nice hotel? The fresh-fruit-infused spa water in the lobby. There's nothing more refreshing than a glass of cold, colorful, thirst-quenching goodness after a long day of traveling. Well, guess you can make your OWN 5-star-hotel-lobby water and take it with you![hr] [threecol_one]Define Bottle | Custom Logo Design[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Define Bottle | Custom Color Palette[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Define Bottle | Custom Pattern Design [/threecol_one_last]


Last month, Akula Kreative was invited to brand this innovative Virgina start-up called Define Bottle. When they shared their prototype mock-ups, I was immediately on board. Not only is the bottle sleek and elegant, it's eco-friendly AND it encourages healthy habits. Want another reason to get it? The idea was conceived by Carter Kostler, a 14 year-old looking to replace sugary beverages in plastic containers with a healthier, safer, and cleaner alternative. Young Entrepreneur recently did a write-up on Kostler, saying:

The Define Bottle is a contemporary-looking glass and bamboo cylinder that’s small enough to fit in standard cup-holders, with two chambers to keep ice and fruit away from the spout. A version made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan — that is, a plastic-like copolyester is also in the works...

“Aside from [my interest in] improving health, it was important to me to do something good for the environment also,” says Kostler who notes that fruit-infused water is healthier than soda and other artificially-flavored drinks.

~ (Read the full story HERE)

After finalizing the Define Bottle logo, color palette, and pattern, our next order of business was to brand their Facebook and Twitter pages in time for their September 15th launch on

Be sure to check it out this weekend, and LIKE THEM on Facebook if you're a fan of spa water (or would simply like to support a young entrepreneur)!


Define Bottle | Custom Facebook Branding and Design

Define Bottle | Twitter Custom Branding and Design



We'll post the rest of their printed materials after we finish them up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

the branding of akula kreative

Creative Branding | Stationery Suite [pinit]


Since we talk so much about other companies' branding, we thought we'd share some of our own today. Here's what we use for our simple, clean, creative everyday correspondence:

  • Standard Business & A2 Kraft Envelopes // We like the dark, heavy kraft paper.
  • Custom-made Return Address Stamp // We stamp using white ink.
  • A2 Stationery Postcard // Our seaweed graphic has been clear foil stamped on black paper.
  • 2-Color Letterpress Business Card // It's pretty standard, but the design is clean.
  • Custom Engraved Wood Flash Drive // This is how we send files to clients now.
  • Washi Tape // These match our colors and pattern and do a great job sealing envelopes.

We like to call this look Coastal Organic. (Oooh, fancy!) The stationery suite has a lot of texture (which we love), and the materials (cotton paper, recycled paper, wood, and soy-based inks) are eco-friendly.

Overall, our goals were to create something UNIQUE that 1) wouldn't break the bank, and 2) felt personal, professional, yet laid-back...just like us. Or so we hope.

Creative Branding | hand stamped kraft envelope in white ink

// detail of return address stamp //

Creative Branding | clear foil stamped design on black paper

// detail of clear foil //

Becky Bing Photography | branding

whimsical, romantic photography branding We're so excited to share with you the new branding of Becky Bing Photography! Becky is a talented photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Right now, she focuses on family portraits and engagement sessions, but she's hoping to add weddings into the mix very soon!


Tell us a bit more about your line of work. I love capturing candid moments...between a couple, kids, and families at play. I'm a very romantic and whimsical makes me happy to see these moments captured in a photo because it's so easy to miss them in our everyday lives.

How do you want your brand to come across to people? Modern and that contradicting?

What colors are you drawn to? Teal, plum, white, sage, and seafoam.

If you were to describe yourself in a few words, what would they be? Modern, romantic, natural, sweet, and whimsical.


Though Becky already had a logo, she decided it was time to establish a more professional, cohesive look. So, we went to work and came up with a new logo, color palette, and coordinating pattern. Double letters are always fun to play around with, so we did some sketching and created a double-heart/double-B icon. To play up the whimsy and give a nod to her love of nature, we hinted at trees in a few subtle ways but kept it modern with her favorite colors and simple, straightforward graphics.

* Becky's photo was recently featured on Green Wedding Shoes! See it HERE. *

Check out a few of her beautiful shots below:

Becky Bing Photography

Becky Bing Photography

Becky Bing Photography


the evolution of a logo

Remember this logo post from a few weeks ago? We were beyond excited when Caroline Tran asked us to design a logo for her new photography workshops. She told us she wanted something text-based that felt refreshing, uplifting, clean, modern, and a little feminine. So, we went to work, and voila! A light and airy, fun and free design. We hope we get to do more with her in the future…it’s so inspiring working with other creative people.

Propel by Caroline Tran Logo

If you've ever wondered what goes into our logo design process, perhaps the images below will give you a better idea! Click on the first image and you'll be able to view them in order as a big slideshow.


ROUND 1 : Initial Concepts based on client-provided information and inspiration

The Evolution of a Logo | Akula Kreative | san diego graphic and web design


ROUND 2: Revisions based on client feedback

The Evolution of a Logo | Akula Kreative | san diego graphic and web design


ROUND 3: Additional revisions based on client feedback...getting closer!

The Evolution of a Logo | Akula Kreative | san diego graphic and web design


ROUND 4: Time to pin down some text placement and color...

The Evolution of a Logo | Akula Kreative | san diego graphic and web design


ROUND 5: A finalized logo!

The Evolution of a Logo | Akula Kreative | san diego graphic and web design


For more information about The Branding Process, click HERE. For a list of our branding packages, click HERE.

For more information about PROPEL // photography mentoring by caroline tran, click HERE.

a nifty little guide to getting branded

Branding 101 | Akula Kreative | San Diego graphic and web design As a sponsor of Caroline Tran's Propel Workshop in March, branding has been on the brain. So, we collected a bit of basic info about it and published A NIFTY little GUIDE TO GETTING BRANDED. It's very simple, but it should be helpful in organizing your thoughts about branding a new small business!

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