logo design | from concept to completion

Her Highness PR // Logo Design from Concept to Completion by Akula Kreative [pinit]


A few years ago, we designed a logo for Jennifer Petrini's alter ego, Fairytale Fashionista. Last month, we finally got around to re-imagining the look of her umbrella company, Her Highness PR. The design parameters were relatively straightforward: make it coordinate with Fairytale Fashionista, incorporate a crest, and create something FABulous along the lines of Juicy Couture. However, flourishy crests are not my forté.

Jen is not only a client, but also a friend, and the last thing I wanted to do was dash her dreams of royal perfection..

So, I started with the basics and determined a shape for the crest: a simple yet feminine tulip. Next, I drew some details to visually connect the crown and crest. After a few hours of layering, re-layering, sizing, erasing, moving, and tweaking, I came up with two favorites. Thankfully, she liked one of them and we continued to refine from there. Crisis averted!