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KidsFest San Diego Web Design We first heard about KidsFest San Diego through our friend, the one-and-only Fairytale Fashionista. I attended the family-friendly festival this year to check out the Fashionista's dress-up tent, and ended up having a great time (despite the fact I have no kiddies yet). Truth be told, I'm a little nervous for when I DO have kids and I take them to places like this. Not because they won't have a good time, but because they'll probably have to wait for me to finish craft projects designed for them. :)

Anyway, I loved everything about the KidsFest scene: the food trucks, the creative, outdoor activities, and the generally chill, clean environment. (I used to LOVE the fair in middle and high school, but it's not a place where you can just plop down on the grass with a snack. This place IS.) Before heading to the event, I checked the website to confirm the location. I got the info I needed, but one of my first thoughts was, "This would be such a fun site to build. I wonder if they're ready for a re-design..." After seeing all of the wonderfully-painted signage at the event, I knew the people behind it were going to be awesome. I contacted Robin, the supermom behind KidsFest, and the rest is history!

The KidsFest crew was a delight to work with, not to mention extremely organized! They provided a vector logo, color palette, font suggestions, professional photos, and dozens of icon illustrations, so they really made our job easy. We simply took their request for a "clean, kid-friendly website with big photos and a lot of white space" and made it a reality. The best part is, it's a WordPress site, so they can easily update it on their own. We love the simple, bright layout, and hope your families do, too.

KidsFest San Diego Web Design


KidsFest San Diego Web Design


KidsFest San Diego Web Design


For more info about KidsFest, head over to their new site! www.kidsfestsandiego.com


Visit the Fairytale Fashionista this weekend!

Fairytale Fashionista | KidsFest 2012 San Diego If you have a little one who wants nothing more than to be a pretty princess, then you have to stop by San Diego KidsFest this weekend! Jennifer Petrini, the original Fairytale Fashionista, will be hosting a tent filled with tutus, costumes, tiaras, jewelery...even a little RUNWAY for the princesses to show off their looks!

Enter the magical kingdom of the Fairytale Fashionista, and each child will be assigned her very own Stylista. Not only will she get to choose her outfit, but she'll get her hair done by none other than Princess Diana's stylist, (Sir) Richard Dalton.

Fairytale Fashionista | KidsFest 2012 San Diego

Photos courtesy of www.fairytalefashionista.com

The wonder doesn't end there...but you'll have to stop by the tent to see what else the Fashionista has up her sleeve!


KidsFest San Diego 2012

What: KidsFest San Diego When: Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, 2012 | 10:00am to 5:00pm Where: Liberty Station, Point Loma, San Diego

Tickets are available HERE.

Find out more about the event on their website or Facebook Page.

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