website in a day

Real Estate Web Design First, let's clarify: we do NOT specialize in building websites in a day. However, it IS possible, and we have done it. We do not condone the practice, but we admit we're a little proud of ourselves right now.

It took about a week to get hosting and a few domain transfers in order, but as of this morning, none of these web files (or photos) existed. Thanks go to WordPress for building an excellent platform, and Rebecca for taking these photos with her iPhone as we moved furniture out of our studio. (This website is for the building in Del Mar we're just moving out of in preparation for Austin.)

Check out the before and after screenshots below: our landlord built the first himself using Website Builder software from his former hosting company, and the second we built today. Our goal was to transform the same information into something cleaner, fresher, and easier to understand. The solution? Communicate the point of the website in the header, increase the white space, use larger photos, and add a call to action.

Real Estate Web Design | Before and After