Yoga Bound!

Click image below for a close-up! Yoga Bound Postcard Design

Yoga Bound is officially open and in full swing! Alana Bray, the owner of (and dreamer behind) the little-house-turned-yoga-enclave, describes it as a beachy chic Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Therapy studio located in the heart of Carlsbad Village.

I visited the space shortly after it was renovated, and I immediately felt at home. It was like...walking into a house you knew as a child. As a person who has never officially attended a yoga class, I can imagine this would be a great place to try it out because it's just so cozy and welcoming! (I went to a group cardio class several years ago at the gym, and I think I'm still scarred by the scary woman who kept yelling at strangers. Thankfully, Alana is just the opposite.)

Anyway, Yoga Bound has some wonderful deals going on for the Grand Opening, as well as on-going discounts for seniors, teachers, students, and military. If you live in North County, maybe you'll want to stop by to relax and unwind:

Yoga Bound 3043 Harding Street Carlsbad, CA  92008

Congratulations, Alana, on making your dream a reality!