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a rustic, vineyard-inspired wedding

vineyard wedding inspiration board Pin It

Though we have no intention of delving into the business of wedding planning, we do, on occasion, have to do some wedding-related research. If an engaged couple comes to us for wedding invitations, the first step is to create an inspiration board to gather ideas and come up with a concept—unless, of course, they already have one. Throughout the design process, the board serves as a visual guide that ensures we stay on track when choosing colors, fonts, and graphics; it's also a helpful style tool for planners and vendors in that it keeps everyone on the same page. (Note for the newly engaged: Bringing a copy of your inspiration board to a consultation will save you a LOT of time and effort in trying to explain the vision you have for your event.)

After receiving the couple's Custom Invitation Form, we began searching for decor, paper, flowers, and tablescapes that would complement a rustic, vineyard-inspired wedding. You'd think this would be simple. Thousands of couples get married on a vineyard every year, right? Sadly, we found only a handful of simple, sweet, and elegant vineyard weddings that incorporated our couple's colors: dark purple and sage green. Inspiration boards we found online were either lacking in detail or just weren't capturing the look we wanted. So, we started from scratch and pieced together our board one image at a time. The result? Purples and greens softened by creamy, oatmeal accents...textures in burlap, cork, and wood...and wine bottles, barrels, and boxes galore.

If you'd like to download a larger version of the board, click HERE and enjoy!