wedding paper | Amy and Tracy

Custom Wedding Paper and Signs // Amy and Tracy [pinit]


Here they are :: paper elements we designed for Amy and Tracy's South by Southwest Wedding this month! I'm going to keep the text to a minimum since there are a lot of photos to share...


If this is the first time you're hearing about this modern, colorful wedding, check out Amy and Tracy's branding first so you can see where it all started.


Below // A quick look back at the wedding invitations ::

Custom Wedding Invitation // modern // yellow, turquoise, orange

A three-layer reception invitation was composed of a tangerine cover sheet featuring their logo, a transparent text sheet, and a yellow back sheet. The pieces were sewn together at the top in yellow thread, and the invitation was stuffed into a turquoise envelope wrapped in a custom label.

Below // Signature Drink Flags ::

Custom Drink Flags // Modern South by Southwest Wedding // Teal, Orange, Yellow

As a little surprise, we made 3 flag variations for Amy and Tracy's signature drink: a mojito!

Below // Cake Labels, Candy Labels, Tea for Two ::

Custom Wedding Paper and Signs // Amy and Tracy

I originally tried experimenting with HAND-DYED clothespins, but I couldn't get the color bright enough. Acrylic paint worked much better for this project!

Custom Wedding Paper and Signs // Amy and Tracy

For many of the signs, we used simple table tents but made them in Amy and Tracy's signature hexagon shape (just to spice things up).

Below // Words of Wisdom for the Lovebirds ::

Custom Wedding Paper and Signs // Amy and Tracy

For Amy's Bridal Shower, we made little bird cards on which guests could write marital advice. They were such a hit that we made more for the reception! The over-sized flag was made to draw attention to the cards at the table.

Below // Candy Table Sign ::

Custom Candy Table Sign // DIY Paper Compass // South by Southwest Wedding inspiration

This was my FAVORITE paper element: a giant paper compass I DIY'd for their candy table. (Ok, maybe "giant" is stretching it, but it measured about 12" in diameter.)

To change things up, I wanted to incorporate something ROUND (instead of hexagonal or flag-shaped) so I decided a compass sign would be the perfect way to tie in the couple's theme: South by Southwest. (Tracy, the groom, is from Tennessee, and Amy, the bride, is from San Diego.) I have to say, this was one of the few times I made something that came out pretty darn close to how I imagined it in my head. If you're into experimenting with crafty things, you know that's a rarity.

If you're curious, I made the compass with a sheet of 13" x 19" paper, a scrap of yellow card stock, a round box top, floral wire, a pin, 4 bobbins (to create the space between the two round printed sheets), acrylic paint, foam tape, and glue.

P.S. After I finished this, my husband told me it looked like a clock. Pssht. I thought it was kind of awesome. :)

Ok, here are the last elements :: bathroom signs!

Custom Bathroom Signs for a Modern Wedding // South by Southwest


The paper in action! (Apologies for my mediocre phone shots, but we'll share Suzanna March Photography's photos when they're ready!)

Yellow, Orange, and Teal Wedding Details

Once again...CONGRATS, Amy and Tracy on a beautiful and FUN wedding! We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. :)


a wedding logo in CAKE!

A custom wedding logo translated to the cake! A custom wedding logo



So Amy and Tracy's wedding was this past weekend, and my hands-down FAVORITE part of the décor was the adorable cake table! Instead of one huge cake, the bride and groom opted for 6 BRANDED cakes. Each confectionery delight was all white—clean and modern just how the bride likes it—with real flower details and piped patterns that looked altogether amazing! The showstopper, however, was the cake that featured their custom wedding logo in icing and fondant. (!!)

I think I've officially fallen in love with the idea of edible branding. :)

More photos to come, I promise...

wedding design | Amy and Tracy's save the date and website

Amy and Tracy Wedding Branding | modern, aqua, tangerine, yellow [hr]

My friend Amy came to me with a bit of a conundrum: come up with a wedding theme that combines Southern charm with SoCal flair in a modern, non-traditional way. When I think "southern wedding," I picture delicate lace and rustic details, live music in an intimate outdoor space...but that's a far cry from Amy and her fiancé Tracy's tastes. In lieu of the standard ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, they've opted for just "one big party" where they can relax, have fun, and enjoy the company of their friends. Knowing them as a couple, it made perfect sense to me; however, I had no idea how we were going to bring Tracy's southern roots into their Downtown San Diego soirée.

After doing some research, I kept coming back to the words "South" and "Southwest." San Diego is, after all, the southwest-most tip of the country. Then it hit me. Why not call it "South by Southwest" and make directional signs, maps, and all things "navigation" the theme of the party? We could not only give it a modern feel, but we could also easily incorporate Amy's color palette of turquoise/aqua, tangerine, and yellow.

As you can see above, coming up with a party theme is really no different from branding an actual company. By defining a unique group of colors, patterns, typefaces, and graphics, you can create a cohesive look and feel that your guests will be sure to remember!


"Tying the knot" Save the Date custom design



Above, we have Amy and Tracy's modern Save the Date card. It's an A2 folded card, but instead of doing the traditional layout where you print on the front and right-inside panels, we printed all the way across the inside panel. By offset printing on one side instead of both, we were able to keep costs down while still delivering an impact. We also put to use a fun little twist on "tying the knot" by knotting silver twine that tightens as you open the card:

"Tying the knot" Save the Date custom design



We came across this knot idea on Pinterest, and Amy fell in love with the idea right away. (I'd provide a link to the original idea here, but Pinterest seems to be experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.)

"Tying the knot" Save the Date custom design


Every wedding needs a website now, so we've customized a WordPress template for Amy and Tracy that coordinates seamlessly with their branding. The home page features a picture slideshow that scrolls back and forth to reveal photos of the Mr. and Mrs. To-Be. Scroll left, and you'll see Tracy and his home state of Tennessee; scroll right, and you'll see Amy and her home state of California.

Modern Wedding Website | custom designed template

Modern Wedding Website | custom designed template

Congratulations, Amy and Tracy!!! We can't wait for 3.9.13!