Boho Saint Jo




Curated, exclusive, creative, empowering.


Boho Saint Jo is a maker’s marketplace for women makers and creators that takes place twice a year in the small town of Saint Jo, Texas. At their bi-annual show, you can find hand-tooled leather jewelry, apothecary goods, candles, women’s clothing, ceramics, hand painted greeting cards, handmade jewelry, clutches made from vintage fabrics, vintage clothing and finds, gourmet hand pies, pickles, repurposed furniture, artists, soapers and so much more.

Ashlyn, the creator, knew the show had outgrown its current logo—something she put together herself with the intention of only using it temporarily—so she came to us for a revamp that would, in her words, "make the marketplace legit." She requested something versatile, timeless, and age-appropriate, with warm earth tones and a handmade yet professional vibe.

To achieve these, we used a balanced and modern typeface with enough texture to give it a handmade feel. Our favorite feature of the Boho Saint Jo logo is its versatility. The simple 4-letter logo can adapt to any environment, and each submark scales beautifully, whether it's for a street-wide banner or a tiny button.


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