What's inside the Branding Workbook?

The workbook contains 40 pages of info, exercises, and tips for crafting a unique and relevant brand identity. I walk you through branding, typography, logo development, color, and pattern, asking you thought-provoking questions along the way.

Who is the Branding Workbook for?

Creative professionals and entrepreneurs who…

  • want to get the most out of their branding investment
  • are ready to dig deep to develop a lasting brand identity
  • don’t know how, when, or where to start the design process
  • love to color, sketch, and doodle!

Why did you make this?

First and foremost, I want to share my creative process with small business owners. I also want to prove to them how, with the right information, preparation, and hard work, they can HAVE FUN building a powerful brand without a “big business” budget.

This is not a book about getting anything for free; however, I provide lots of tips about how to work with a small budget! It’s all about organizing your thoughts and understanding your business so you can communicate quickly and efficiently with your designer. My goal is to give you the confidence and know-how to invest wisely and create something meaningful.

Is this a book that will show me how to design my own branding?

This workbook is an interactive tool that will help serious business owners prepare to work with a professional designer. In other words, it will prompt you to make important decisions before you begin paying for brainstorming sessions, sketches, and designs. When time is money, this can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Why don't you offer a digital version of the Branding Workbook?

The Branding Workbook is not an e-book. It's meant to be printed, scribbled on, highlighted, and ear-marked. In this crazy world of technology, we're actually trying to encourage people to find inspiration in non-digital environments. Instant gratification via an automatic download IS amazing, but this wouldn't be instant. You'd have to download it, format it, print it, and put it together. To avoid the hassle of printing over 40 pages, we're offering an inexpensive, nicely printed booklet that's ready to go.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

You only need 1 workbook per business, but we do offer quantity discounts for workshops and such. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Interested in wholesale opportunities for workshops or other events?

Please contact us with your idea and we'll see what we can do!

I have feedback or a suggestion for the workbook. How can I submit this?

Just go HERE. I would really appreciate your feedback!

Can I share the workbook via social media or my website/blog?

Of course! For social media, hit us up on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram using #BrandingWorkbook and tagging @akulakreative.

I have a question (or two) about a particular section in the workbook.

That's great! If you have questions or need clarification on something, it means you're taking this seriously. Please submit your question via email, and we'll do our best to provide an answer, either in a personal response or a public post. We're a busy studio, so please be aware we may not be available to answer immediately.

I completed the workbook and I'm SO excited about it that I'd like to offer a testimonial.

Yay! We'd love to share it! Please email us at By submitting a testimonial, you hereby allow us to publish your first name, business name, website link (if available), photo (if available) and comments. Your comment may be edited for length, but we will not change any of your words.