What makes Akula Kreative unique? WHY should I choose you to brand my business?

We hope that our simple, clean, and creative aesthetic is what initially drew you to our website…but we also know that there are many other talented folks out there and want to share how we stand out from the crowd:

  • Release of Rights :: We hand over the rights for all approved branding elements. This means that YOU become the owner of your logo (and other files) upon completion, allowing you to trademark, reproduce, use, and even sell it as you see fit. We can never sell or re-use your design.

  • Source Files :: We provide vector-based source files in addition to every other file type you’ll ever need. Many designers require you to pay them each time you need to make a small change or order a product with your logo on it, but we want you to have as much flexibility with your business as possible. The files we give you can be edited by anyone with the right software, and are essential for when you order branded products from vendors (think: custom wax seals, stamps, banners, signs, mugs, tote bags, t-shirts, etc.).

  • Process :: We are the only studio (as far as we know) that offers a minimum of 3 initial logo concepts plus unlimited revisions in our Signature Branding Packages. Most studios offer only 3 initial designs with 2 rounds of revisions. Branding is a process, and we believe you should love the final product!

  • Print Expertise :: We’re obsessed with luxury print work and know how to design for it. (Great print work requires expertise on both the design side and execution side. We've partnered with some of the best printers in the biz to create stellar stationery suites.)

  • Exclusivity :: We only work with a few clients at a time. This means you’ll have our undivided attention for the entirety of your project.

  • Loyalty :: Once you’re part of our client roster, you can come back to us at any time for hourly work and small projects at a discounted rate. By not offering this to the “public,”, we make sure there’s always room in the schedule for you. (We prefer to have lasting relationships with a few clients rather than short relationships with a lot of clients. Quality over quantity!)

  • Experience :: We seek to strike a balance between listening to a client’s wishes and providing direction based on our 10+ years of experience.

  • Passion :: We love, love, LOVE what we do!

Are we a good match for each other?

As a small studio with specific strengths, it’s important for us to find the best match possible to create an amazing brand. We may love your idea, but if we don’t have expertise in your space, can’t accommodate your timeline, or have a different style, we may not be right for you. Check out our Top Ten List to see if we’re meant to be!

  1. This business is your full-time job (or it's about to be!) and branding is a key component of it.

  2. You can describe your business in a single sentence and your “dream brand” in 3-5 words.

  3. Your style fits our style. Check out our portfolio and see what we like on Pinterest!

  4. You’re financially (and emotionally) ready to invest in your small business.

  5. You’re prepared to “let go” a little and allow us to provide a fresh perspective.

  6. You pay attention to detail and appreciate quality.

  7. You love paper goods and may need assistance with a complex print job.

  8. You’re not afraid to be honest in your critiques.

  9. You understand that a brand cannot be built in a day, or even a week.


How does the design process work?

We explain the 6 major steps of the creative process HERE on our Services page.

Do you accommodate RUSH projects?

We take on a limited number of projects per month to provide quick turnaround for clients. If you’re in a rush, let us know and we’ll tell you what we can do. If your project requires us to bump existing projects, rush fees of an additional 50% will apply because we’ll have to work after-hours to get it done. Most printers we work with will do rush jobs, but turnaround and fees vary.

I'm experiencing sticker shock. Do you ever give discounts?

First, allow us to say this :: we strongly believe in the value of our services and the fairness of our pricing. Each job requires MANY hours of behind-the-scenes work, and we take on a limited number of new clients to provide one-on-one attention.

That said…we do offer discounts, but in a limited capacity. Clients who submit completed Branding Workbooks at least 1 week prior to their Start Date are eligible for a $100 discount that is subtracted from the final invoice. We also offer on-going design work to previous branding clients at a discounted rate.

If our prices exceed your budget, think about simplifying your needs or checking out our Branding Workbook.

If you're a non-profit, feel free to contact us! If we have availability, we'd be happy to help you at a lower rate.