Q. How much will this cost?

We’re happy to give a precise answer! What are you looking for? A clean, new brand with a style guide? Custom letterpress business cards? A mix? Fill out our contact form or schedule a call with us, and we will send you a clear outline of your options and costs. If you’re on a budget, tell us; we are happy to describe what we can do to help you meet your goals within it.

Q. I just need a logo. How much is that?

Eeek, actually, this question could cost you something you may not realize yet! The biggest reason visitors leave a website without buying is lack of trust. And the majority of people (94% in one study!) state that the reason they don’t trust a website is design inconsistency.   

Think about that: Not your portfolio, not anything you wrote, but when your design isn’t consistent. Yikes! As your friend we wouldn’t let you walk away with your skirt tucked into your undies, and as your designer we’re not going to let you walk away with just a logo. It’s just not the look you’re going for. Even our simplest packages include a logo, color palette, and typography style guide. Your work deserves polish and your clients deserve to trust you from their first impression.

Q. I’m in a hurry! Do you accommodate RUSH projects?

The good news is, we already take on a limited number of projects per month to provide quick turnaround. But let’s talk: describe exactly what you want, and we’ll tell you what we can do. If your project would require us to bump existing projects to accommodate your request, rush fees of an additional 50% will apply because we’ll have to work after hours to get it done. Most printers we work with will do rush jobs, but turnaround and fees vary.

Q. I’m experiencing sticker shock. Do you ever give discounts?

First, hand on heart, we have empathy for why you’d ask this question. We’ve all been there - your brand is an instant, visual handshake, and you want that striking first impression, even if you are in a tight spot or haven’t turned a profit with your idea yet. We strongly believe in the value of our services and the fairness of our pricing. It accurately reflects the many hours of behind-the-scenes work you receive, and the high level of personal attention you deserve.

We also firmly believe that when we charge what our services are truly worth, we will all be able to afford what we need to make our businesses thrive. We will sweat the details to create a brand for you that reinforces the prices your work should command. Virtually all our clients report seeing a significant return on investment within 3-6 months of their new branding debut (the timeline varies by industry, but essentially all report a quick upturn given their sales cycles).

All this said, we do high-five clients who submit completed Branding Workbooks one week prior to their Start Date with a $100 credit, applied to their final invoice. We also offer prior branding clients our hourly design work at a reduced rate. (Because design relationships are like good dinner parties and walks on the beach - the longer, the better.)

If our prices exceed your budget, consider simplifying your needs (we can help you think this through!) or checking out our Branding Workbook.

If you’re a non-profit, feel free to contact us! If we have availability, we’d be happy to help you at our nonprofit rate.


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