Hi there! If you’ve made it to this page, then I assume you’re interested in learning more about digital design in Adobe Illustrator (or even running your own creative business)!


First, a few notes:

  • I’ve talked at workshops and professional meetings, but I’ve never taught design software. This will be new to me, so please don’t expect a fancy presentation or luxe workshop experience. This will be a casual, fun learning experience!

  • The class WILL have requirements - so please don’t sign up if you’re not willing to meet them. More about this below.

  • When I posted about this on Facebook, my intention was to teach about 4 people. Seeing as almost 30 people are currently interested, please note that IF this class happens, seats will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. I’m not making any promises about anything - other than the fact it I won’t be charging for my time. :) Sound good?


OK, let’s get started. Please fill out the form below and I’ll add you to a preliminary class list.
From here on out, I’ll communicate anything class-related via email. Opt out at any time. (No Facebook DMs, please. I have a hard time keeping track of those.)

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A laptop is probably easier, but if you're willing to lug a desktop with you, go for it.
Class time will not include downloading software. You'll have to come with a computer that already has Adobe Illustrator CC installed. I do not have access to free copies of the software, and will only be teaching the latest version of it. More info about the free trial here:
Class instruction WILL be free, but this would cover paper, ink, etc. I'm guessing no more than $10.
What days/times work best for you? *
Check all that apply. For now, assume you'll need 3 hours for the class. (This could change.)
Why do you want to take a class like this? *
Check all that apply OR check the main reason. This will help me prepare a project that best suits the majority of the group.