Madewell Tea


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Big, Bold, Sophisticated


Nancy, the owner and founder of Madewell Tea, has a personality just like her brand: big, bold, and sophisticated! When she approached us about branding her new collection of rare teas, she described her ideal client as someone who is "busy, cosmopolitan, and refined...[someone] who values and indulges in personal time" on a daily basis.

"[Madewell Tea customers] should feel like they deserve to treat their palates, minds, and souls at the end of a bustling day. These teas are not very typical on the market, so the branding should give people the sense that these teas are small-batch-curated and reflective of an exclusive community of tea enthusiasts."

Nancy's family has been in the tea business for generations, so her palate for and knowledge of fine teas is is her generosity as a client. During one of our weekly FaceTime calls, she learned that my idea of making tea was immersing a tea bag in microwaved water for a couple minutes. I'll never forget the look on her face: it was a polite-yet-direct combination of shock, disgust, and if the cup of flavored water I occasionally prepared for myself should not even be considered tea. A week later, I received a box of tea samples, snacks, and a single-serve infuser.

Madewell Tea has been one of our longest projects to date, lasting almost one year. Over the course of many months, we explored and refined logos, designed and printed a stationery suite, brainstormed and produced boutique packaging, and customized a professionally styled and photographed Shopify website. Not to be overlooked are all of the details in between, from the collection of steeping instruction icons to the stamped seals and anecdotes of Hobi W. Kenobi (Nancy's British Shorthair and the Madewell Tea feline mascot). It's been a long, FUN road and we can't wait to see what the future has in store for our amazing client.


Edge Paint, Foil-Stamp, Offset, Letterpress




Kimberly Chau