Branding Budget Planner | Printable PDF


Branding Budget Planner | Printable PDF


When prompted for feedback on the Branding Workbook, one small business owner wrote, "In the beginning I thought I needed every single print offering listed on the menu (price sheets, business cards, thank you cards, millions of things) and I wasted big bucks on printed price sheets and more...I think a section about what is necessary (business card) and what to go to next would be great."

Thank you for the suggestion! Here is a FREE printable PDF that offers a basic breakdown of the items you should consider when branding a small, creative business.

The 4 mini pages include:

  • A prioritized checklist of branding elements + business collateral
  • A brand identity budget spreadsheet
  • A business collateral budget spreadsheet
  • Tips + Tricks for each item, including low-cost alternatives for common print items

Here are some of the questions I address:

  • What costs should I take into consideration?
  • What printed items do I really need as a small business?
  • Do I HAVE to print business cards and letterhead? How many do I order?
  • What's the difference between "letterhead" and "second sheet"?

Please bear in mind that this is an addendum to the Branding Workbook. I recommend working through the book before jumping into this section.


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    2. Download the PDF file.
    3. Print both 11" x 8.5" sheets at 100% size. (Do not "fit to page" and do not print double-sided.)
    4. Cut the sheets in half so you have four 5.5" x 8.5" pages. 
    5. If these are going in a binder, you can hole-punch the pages and add them to the back!

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