Color Palette Practice | Printable PDF


Color Palette Practice | Printable PDF


*  *  *  This item is a free resource for those who purchase the Branding Workbook. It is not meant to be used on its own.*  *  *

I've created free PDFs of key pages so you can use them as "practice sheets." Just download, print, and color! When you're ready to commit, copy the content into your workbook.

This is a printable PDF of page 27 of Branding Workbook v. 2.0. (Prints 2 per sheet.)


    1. Download the PDF file.
    2. Print the 11" x 8.5" sheet at 100% size. (Do not "fit to page" and do not print double-sided.)
    3. Optional: cut the sheet in half so you have two 5.5" x 8.5" pages. 

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