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Social butterfly meets library nerd.


Jasmine, the owner/founder of DC-based event planning company Socialology, came to us with a Pinterest board filled with images of orange, salmon, gray, and taupe, all inspired by academia. From the edge painting and cotton paper to the four printing processes it took to make it, this stationery suite is all about quality and attention to detail.

On the front of the business card, we used a multi-level sculptural die to deboss the “book plate” area around the logo. On the back, we letterpress printed the contact information in the form of a dictionary entry, complete with pronunciation cues, part of speech, and definition. In the bottom right, we foil-stamped a dictionary tab. The postcard-style correspondence card mimics a library catalog card, using the phone number as the reference number. At the bottom of the letterhead, we repeated the dictionary-style layout and orange tab, but our favorite feature is the ghost-like quality of the pattern that becomes visible when you hold it to the light. To top it all off, we ordered handmade fabric portfolio folders that Jasmine can use when presenting to potential clients.

Referring to “the study of being social,” the word Socialology is a coupling of opposites. You can see this carried out in the logo, with “social” written in calligraphy (by the always impressive Andy Luce), and “ology” spelled out in a classic serif font.


Edge Paint, Foil-Stamp, Glue Mount, Letterpress, Sculptural Deboss


Reich SAVOY 118# C in Brilliant White, Classic Crest 80# T in Avon Brilliant White


Caroline Tran


"Working with Akula Kreative was simply amazing! Nikki really took the time in the beginning of the process to know my company. The logo was a true reflection of the unique, fun designing style...and professionalism...of Socialology."

"Without a doubt, the best part of the process was receiving the final product. Gorgeous! I have never seen so many printing techniques...used this effectively. My stationery is innovative, clean, and versatile. Simply put...genius!"