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You'll get as much out of this as you put into it. Kinda like school.

Akula Kreative does not guarantee any specific results, savings, or success from the content of A Branding Workbook. I have done my best to offer honest advice, simple guidelines, and helpful information based on my personal experience as a graphic designer, but what I share is neither foolproof nor the end-all-be-all of the branding process. Furthermore, building an effective brand identity doesn't guarantee sales; there are MANY things that contribute to a small business's success, including (but not limited to): an amazing product, top-notch customer service, realistic expectations, and the flexibility to give the market what it demands. If you choose to follow my advice, you are doing so with the understanding that I do not guarantee any result, and as such will not be held liable for any actions or results that do or do not happen.