an ocean-inspired color palette

an ocean-inspired color palette // blue, aqua [pinit]


Hawaii is one of our favorite places on Earth. When I was little, my family used to go to Hilo every summer to visit my grandparents. I remember a few things about it, most notably the black sand beach and eating at McDonalds. (My grandparents loved McDonalds, and since we rarely got to eat there, it was a treat.) I also loved that people weren't grossed out by spam and noodle soup was called siamen, not ramen.

I took this photo 4-5 years ago on my first "real" vacation with Andrew. It's a shot of downtown Honolulu taken with a good ol' point-and-shoot. (You can even see the shadow of our plane in the bottom left corner.) Seeing as it's a cold and rainy day here in Austin, I figured a palette of warm ocean blues would provide a few minutes of mental R&R.

Happy Friday!


CONGRATULATIONS to our Photo Contest winners :: Anna Wu, The Wagyu Story, Devon Michelle, and Mutt Love Photography! Stay tuned next month for our Guest Photographer Color Palettes and see their beautiful work!