a valentine-inspired color palette

a Valentine-inspired color palette // yellow, orange, pink, dusty miller [pinit]


I love that, in lieu of flowers today, Andrew brought home cupcakes for me, cookies for the dog, and offered to wash my car. For me, creativity is more romantic than all the red roses in the world. :)

In my quest for something a bit unexpected, I offer up this Valentine's Day color palette based on an arrangement I made myself! (I'm kind of proud of it.) It's a mix of peach and pink garden roses, yellow daffodils, dusty miller, and a "nodding pincushion" protea. To quickly "style" it, I used gold paper letters custom cut by Barney Design.


Happy Friday to everyone we love, including our families, friends, and wonderful clients! I hope this bouquet brightens your day.

Happy Valentine's Day from Akula Kreative


This one can be used as a Facebook Cover Photo. Just right-click to download!

Free LOVE-inspired Facebook Cover Photo // Akula Kreative

branding sneak peek | Define Bottle

You know what one of my favorite perks is at a nice hotel? The fresh-fruit-infused spa water in the lobby. There's nothing more refreshing than a glass of cold, colorful, thirst-quenching goodness after a long day of traveling. Well, guess what...now you can make your OWN 5-star-hotel-lobby water and take it with you![hr] [threecol_one]Define Bottle | Custom Logo Design[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Define Bottle | Custom Color Palette[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Define Bottle | Custom Pattern Design [/threecol_one_last]


Last month, Akula Kreative was invited to brand this innovative Virgina start-up called Define Bottle. When they shared their prototype mock-ups, I was immediately on board. Not only is the bottle sleek and elegant, it's eco-friendly AND it encourages healthy habits. Want another reason to get it? The idea was conceived by Carter Kostler, a 14 year-old looking to replace sugary beverages in plastic containers with a healthier, safer, and cleaner alternative. Young Entrepreneur recently did a write-up on Kostler, saying:

The Define Bottle is a contemporary-looking glass and bamboo cylinder that’s small enough to fit in standard cup-holders, with two chambers to keep ice and fruit away from the spout. A version made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan — that is, a plastic-like copolyester is also in the works...

“Aside from [my interest in] improving health, it was important to me to do something good for the environment also,” says Kostler who notes that fruit-infused water is healthier than soda and other artificially-flavored drinks.

~ youngentrepreneur.com (Read the full story HERE)

After finalizing the Define Bottle logo, color palette, and pattern, our next order of business was to brand their Facebook and Twitter pages in time for their September 15th launch on kickstarter.com.

Be sure to check it out this weekend, and LIKE THEM on Facebook if you're a fan of spa water (or would simply like to support a young entrepreneur)!


Define Bottle | Custom Facebook Branding and Design

Define Bottle | Twitter Custom Branding and Design



We'll post the rest of their printed materials after we finish them up in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!