a seaside-sign-inspired color palette

a seaside-sign-inspired color palette // taupe, sand, neon yellow, seafoam green, blue [pinit]


If you've been to Laguna Beach, chances are you've stumbled on this sign in itty bitty Brown's Park. The tiny enclave draws you in from the street and leads you down a path to a wonderful view of the ocean. If you're lucky enough to be the only one in there, it feels like a spot where you could spend all day reading and feeling inspired. Upon leaving, you'll pat yourself on the back for "discovering" such a special space. :)

The image itself doesn't make for the BEST color inspiration, but the feeling of it does. Sunny (almost neon) yellow combined with sea foam green, sky blue, taupe, and sand create a color palette that's sure to make you feel more relaxed.

Happy Friday!