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Define Bottle // WordPress Web Design DefineBottle.com officially launched last week, and orders have been piling in ever since! E-commerce is by no means our specialty, but thankfully the checkout process has been smooth sailing thus far. In case you're unfamiliar with Define Bottle, you can read the inspiring back story to this innovative, healthy-habit-forming water bottle right HERE.

Carter, Carla, and Mark have been amazing clients, and we can't be more appreciative of their patience, flexibility, and gratitude throughout the design process. We hope their clean, fresh, and vibrant design is everything they hoped for (and more).

Here's a quick look back at Define Bottle's branding, from logo to letterhead to website:

[threecol_one]Define Bottle | Custom Logo Design[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Define Bottle | Custom Color Palette[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Define Bottle | Custom Pattern Design [/threecol_one_last]


luxury brand stationery suite, letterpress, foil-stamp, cotton paper


Define Bottle // Custom WordPress Website Design

It's pretty fun to see how a brand can translate from screen to paper and back to screen again.

If you're interested in ordering an eco-chic bottle for fruit-infused water on the go, Define Bottle is now accepting orders for the Sport version in the US and Canada! The first production run is limited, so be sure to grab one before they run out!!!


website in a day

Real Estate Web Design First, let's clarify: we do NOT specialize in building websites in a day. However, it IS possible, and we have done it. We do not condone the practice, but we admit we're a little proud of ourselves right now.

It took about a week to get hosting and a few domain transfers in order, but as of this morning, none of these web files (or photos) existed. Thanks go to WordPress for building an excellent platform, and Rebecca for taking these photos with her iPhone as we moved furniture out of our studio. (This website is for the building in Del Mar we're just moving out of in preparation for Austin.)

Check out the before and after screenshots below: our landlord built the first himself using Website Builder software from his former hosting company, and the second we built today. Our goal was to transform the same information into something cleaner, fresher, and easier to understand. The solution? Communicate the point of the website in the header, increase the white space, use larger photos, and add a call to action.

Real Estate Web Design | Before and After



web design | KidsFest San Diego

KidsFest San Diego Web Design We first heard about KidsFest San Diego through our friend, the one-and-only Fairytale Fashionista. I attended the family-friendly festival this year to check out the Fashionista's dress-up tent, and ended up having a great time (despite the fact I have no kiddies yet). Truth be told, I'm a little nervous for when I DO have kids and I take them to places like this. Not because they won't have a good time, but because they'll probably have to wait for me to finish craft projects designed for them. :)

Anyway, I loved everything about the KidsFest scene: the food trucks, the creative, outdoor activities, and the generally chill, clean environment. (I used to LOVE the fair in middle and high school, but it's not a place where you can just plop down on the grass with a snack. This place IS.) Before heading to the event, I checked the website to confirm the location. I got the info I needed, but one of my first thoughts was, "This would be such a fun site to build. I wonder if they're ready for a re-design..." After seeing all of the wonderfully-painted signage at the event, I knew the people behind it were going to be awesome. I contacted Robin, the supermom behind KidsFest, and the rest is history!

The KidsFest crew was a delight to work with, not to mention extremely organized! They provided a vector logo, color palette, font suggestions, professional photos, and dozens of icon illustrations, so they really made our job easy. We simply took their request for a "clean, kid-friendly website with big photos and a lot of white space" and made it a reality. The best part is, it's a WordPress site, so they can easily update it on their own. We love the simple, bright layout, and hope your families do, too.

KidsFest San Diego Web Design


KidsFest San Diego Web Design


KidsFest San Diego Web Design


For more info about KidsFest, head over to their new site! www.kidsfestsandiego.com


web design | Rachel Joyce

Rachel Joyce | Professional Triathlete Web Design We're excited to announce the official launch of Rachel Joyce's new website! A British lawyer-turned-professional-triathlete, Rachel is an over-achiever in every sense of the word; lucky for us, her easy-going personality made the design process a fun and rewarding experience.

When Rachel approached us a couple months ago, she asked us to "keep the colours simple, the layout simple, and put [large] photos on the homepage." (BTW // Can I add how gleefully entertained I was by her British spellings?!) Using her race kit by Betty Designs as inspiration, we went to work building her a simple, slightly feminine WordPress site she could easily and readily update on her own. Check it out...

Rachel Joyce Race Kit by Betty Designs

Rachel Joyce | Professional Triathlete Web Design

Rachel Joyce | Professional Triathlete Web Design

Rachel Joyce | Professional Triathlete Web Design

To visit the website, go to www.racheljoyce.org.

[typography font="Dancing Script" size="18" size_format="px"]Best of luck, Rachel, in all of your future athletic endeavors!![/typography]

Butterfield Racing | web design

Butterfield Racing | Web Design What better way to celebrate the official launch of Butterfield Racing than with Nikki Butterfield's win in the United Arab Emirates on March 3rd!? That's right...Supermom Nikki took first place in the Abu Dhabi Triathlon just hours after she was emailing us final edits.

Congratulations to our amazingly talented and determined clients! (Yes, that is athletes, plural. Tyler Butterfield ALSO won his first race in 2012 on January 13th.)

Butterfield Racing is composed of a husband-and-wife team: Tyler and Nikki. Both stellar professional triathletes represented by Wattie Ink., they needed a new website to share their training updates, schedules, photos, and press releases with current and potential sponsors, friends, and fans. As a busy couple juggling training, racing, and raising a baby, the couple wanted to parallel the Wattie Ink. WordPress site so that press releases and news updates could be easily—and readily—updated by their writer Holly, assistant Aspen, and agent Sean. The solution? Use the platform of Wattie Ink., but customize it to Butterfield specifications.

Butterfield Racing | web design

Butterfield Racing provides a massive amount of information: biographies, schedules, race results, photos, press releases, detailed sponsor information, contact information, and more. It's a dynamic website that keeps the Butterfield following informed and up-to-date. Above is a screen shot of one of many features: a lightbox pop-up window of a YouTube video. Check out their gallery by clicking HERE - simply click on a thumbnail to view photo slideshows and watch video!

Butterfield Racing | web design

One of Nikki's priorities throughout the process was to give proper credit to their sponsors. In addition to creating pages for them, we built a custom html footer complete with sponsor logos that change color on rollover and link directly to external websites.

To check out the site and read more about these amazing athletes, click HERE.