a yarn-inspired color palette

a yarn-inspired color palette [pinit]


This week's cozy and bright color inspiration comes from the shelf of Hill Country Weavers in Austin. I have yet to learn how to knit or crochet, but I'd stop in this store regularly (if we lived closer) just to look at the colors. Mmmmm.


NAVY #0E0D37 / DEEP ROYAL #13156C / PURPLE #471657


Happy Friday!

a lagoon-inspired color palette

a lagoon-inspired color palette // navy, aqua, blues // Bora Bora [pinit]


Bora Bora is home to the LAGOON of lagoons. From deep navy to light aqua, the breathtaking blues are endless. Andrew and I were fortunate enough to take a quick helicopter ride during our honeymoon, and I still look back at the pictures with wonder. Happy Friday!




P.S. Here's the FULL view:

The blues of Bora Bora // Akula Kreative

a door-inspired color palette

a door-inspired color palette // navy, teal, light blue, pink, peach, yellow // Amalfi, Italy by Akula Kreative [pinit]


On our way into the town of Amalfi, we walked through this quiet, colorful corridor built into the cliffs. The patches of pink and peach reminded me so much of rainbow sherbet!

BTW // I had no idea until NOW that sherbet only has one r. I must have ordered this flavor five million times when I was kid and never noticed.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. Happy Friday!


NAVY #2F354A / TEAL #51B6C9 / LIGHT BLUE #C2D9F7


Amalfi, Italy

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a blueberry-inspired color palette

a summer-blueberry-inspired color palette // navy, blue, gray, taupe, green [pinit]


Last week, we went to The Peached Tortilla's first ever pop-up dinner at Stonehouse Villa, and it was amazing! The venue, décor, food, and beer pairings made for a fun night out, and we're so appreciate of the effort put into the event. Despite the fact that I hate being "that Asian girl who takes pictures of her food," I took a few snapshots of our meal (as discreetly as possible) with my phone. The crostini with blueberries over my striped dress created such a wonderful palette for summer. The crunchy bite of sweet & tart was delicious, too!

Highlights included the BEST papaya salad I've ever had and a handwritten thank you note for attending.

Peached Tortilla Pop-Up Dinner at Stonehouse Village