a ballerina-inspired color palette

a ballerina-inspired color palette // black, gray-blue, stone, taupe // photo by anna wu [pinit]


While we're away this week, we're sharing a beeeeautiful photo by Anna Wu. It's called "Brooklyn Arch" and it's part of Anna's book, "Pointe of View." I love the contrast not only in composition, but color as well. The elegance of the ballerina's form and the lightness of her skin against the dark, gritty textures of the city is simply wonderful.

Thanks, Anna, for letting me "borrow" this! Happy Friday, everyone!


BLACK #262628 / BLUE #567987 / PALE BLUE #8DA6AF / STONE #DFD2CA / TAUPE #BAA8A4


Photography / Anna Wu Dancer / Alexandra Harrington Makeup / Jina Yoon, JAC Beauty Location / Brooklyn, NY Assistants / Wendy Southard, Yifan Xu