a horse-inspired color palette

a horse-inspired color palette // browns, green [pinit]


I love horses, but I'm allergic to them. Something about traveling on one—preferably a long distance—is romantic to me. Plus, they're HUGE and beautiful and somewhat social. Growing up, I lived in a house not far from stables, so I'd walk/run by them frequently. Occasionally, I'd bring them a snack (which I'm not sure the owners would have appreciated) or try to let our dog say hi to them. Truth be told, all I've ever wanted in this world is for every animal—except for maybe snakes—to be my friend.


DARK CHOCOLATE #140505 / DEEP CHESTNUT #321414 / ECRU #67473C


Happy Friday! (If you couldn't tell, my brain is READY for the weekend.)

a french-bulldog-inspired color palette

a french-bulldog-inspired color palette // dark brown, brindle, mauve taupe, blush pink [pinit]


Yep, my photo is out of focus, but that's what happens when you take pictures of wiggly pups with an iPhone. :) I seriously wish I could play (and nap) with puppies all day every day.

Thanks for introducing me, Rebecca!


DARK BROWN #1A1214 / BRINDLE #462D29 / DEEP TAUPE #785E55


Happy Friday!

a ballerina-inspired color palette

a ballerina-inspired color palette // black, gray-blue, stone, taupe // photo by anna wu [pinit]


While we're away this week, we're sharing a beeeeautiful photo by Anna Wu. It's called "Brooklyn Arch" and it's part of Anna's book, "Pointe of View." I love the contrast not only in composition, but color as well. The elegance of the ballerina's form and the lightness of her skin against the dark, gritty textures of the city is simply wonderful.

Thanks, Anna, for letting me "borrow" this! Happy Friday, everyone!


BLACK #262628 / BLUE #567987 / PALE BLUE #8DA6AF / STONE #DFD2CA / TAUPE #BAA8A4


Photography / Anna Wu Dancer / Alexandra Harrington Makeup / Jina Yoon, JAC Beauty Location / Brooklyn, NY Assistants / Wendy Southard, Yifan Xu

a blueberry-inspired color palette

a summer-blueberry-inspired color palette // navy, blue, gray, taupe, green [pinit]


Last week, we went to The Peached Tortilla's first ever pop-up dinner at Stonehouse Villa, and it was amazing! The venue, décor, food, and beer pairings made for a fun night out, and we're so appreciate of the effort put into the event. Despite the fact that I hate being "that Asian girl who takes pictures of her food," I took a few snapshots of our meal (as discreetly as possible) with my phone. The crostini with blueberries over my striped dress created such a wonderful palette for summer. The crunchy bite of sweet & tart was delicious, too!

Highlights included the BEST papaya salad I've ever had and a handwritten thank you note for attending.

Peached Tortilla Pop-Up Dinner at Stonehouse Village

a giant-pencil-inspired color palette

a pencil-inspired color palette // taupe, yellow, pink [pinit]


I love two kinds of things. Miniature things and giant things. Whether it's a teeny tiny ship in a bottle or an over-sized "My First" Ticonderoga, I'll probably squeal immediately upon locking eyes on it.

The colors of the classic No. 2 call to mind memories from elementary school, and I think the taupe, yellow, and "eraser pinks" would be perfect for either a little girl's room or a cheerful, retro-inspired brand!

Happy Friday!

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