a summer-succulent-inspired color palette

a summer-succulent-inspired color palette // light green, tan, earthy orange, and muted pink [pinit]


Yikes! How is it mid-July already?!

We're back in an office now, catching up on emails, updating the website and portfolio, and trying to get back in the swing of things. Our move to Austin was...well, exhausting, but we made it and we're enjoying the air conditioning, sweet tea, and kolaches.

As is tradition on Fridays, I have some color inspiration for you...

If you follow our color palettes, you'll know I have a thing for succulents. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when the movers told us they wouldn't take any of our live plants—including our 10+ pots and planters of colorful, desert-dwelling friends. (Yes. Friends.) I'd spent the last five years "curating" my little collection, and now I had to leave them behind... Bum. Mer.

In lieu of abandoning them completely, we carved out space in the car for two boxes of clippings. Even if I couldn't take all of them, at least I could transplant a few of the good ones. Sadly, they're not as happy here as they were in California, but I'm hoping they rebound after getting over the shock.

Please stay tuned for our official re-opening announcement - we promise it's just around the corner!

Happy Friday and Helloooooo, Texas!

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