a fox-inspired color palette

a fox-inspired color palette // dark brown, faded black, coyote tan, light tan, snow gray, fox red [pinit]


Animal trends crack me up. First it was the owl. Then the whale. Then the fox (and maybe the hedgehog). Then dinosaurs. Now it's the unicorn...and, in some circles, the narwhal. Since photos of dinosaurs and unicorns are in short supply, I am backtracking a bit to pay homage to the handsome fox.

(Crossing my fingers the wooly mammoth is next.)




Happy Fox Friday!

a Venice-inspired color palette

a Venice-inspired color palette // blue, stone, warm gray [pinit]


Today's color inspiration comes from a window that caught my eye in Venice. Moorish influence on Venetian Gothic architecture can be seen throughout the city, namely in the shape of arches like this one. I love the little plants peeking through the stonework, too.




Just for fun, I'm throwing in The Orders of Venetian Arches by John Ruskin (1853, Vol. 2 of The Stones of Venice) so you can play "Find That Arch." Happy Friday!

John Ruskin | The Orders of the Venetian Arches SOURCE

a winter-inspired color palette

a winter-inspired color palette // brown, tan, gray, white // photo by Mutt Love Photography [pinit]


Teann of Mutt Love Photography was actually a winner of one of our very first photo contests. If she didn't live so far away, I have a feeling our love of animals would make us immediate friends. :)

Though this particular photo is lacking one of her usual furry subjects, I couldn't help but be drawn to its simplicity. The ice atop the branches is just so delicate and beautiful...and the reddish-browns look lovely against the white and gray.

Thank you for another wonderful submission, Mutt Love!


BROWN #3B1314 / RED-BROWN #902B15 / TAN #AC8D72/ LT GRAY #CAC7C0 / DK GRAY #908780


Happy WINTER Friday!

a globe-inspired color palette

a globe-inspired color palette // light teal, blue, peach, tan [pinit]


Last month, Andrew and I finally had a chance to get out and explore Austin a bit, so my first request was to visit Uncommon Objects. Of course, there were five million things that made me ooh and ahh—one of which was this globe.

We had a similar globe growing up, and I remember how I used to run my fingers over the bumpy mountains. Did you ever spin it as fast as possible, then try to stop it on a dime with your index finger and guess what city you landed on? I did.

I love the way the muted tones are illuminated from within...the teals, blues, peaches, and tans create a wonderful and warm palette for map lovers!

Happy Friday!

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P.S. Sorry for missing last week - things are super busy here!

a vintage-stamp-inspired color palette

a vintage-stamp-inspired color palette // baby blue, aqua, sand, peach, pink [pinit]


Taking photos of vintage stamps for the chain letter (below) reminded me of some of my favorites from this summer-fiesta-inspired wedding suite. It's funny how a sandy tan color combined with baby blue and reddish-pink give such a retro vibe. The aqua and peach both complement the palette and give it a more modern twist.

BTW // This font is called Mailart Rubberstamp. :)

Happy Friday!

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a summer-succulent-inspired color palette

a summer-succulent-inspired color palette // light green, tan, earthy orange, and muted pink [pinit]


Yikes! How is it mid-July already?!

We're back in an office now, catching up on emails, updating the website and portfolio, and trying to get back in the swing of things. Our move to Austin was...well, exhausting, but we made it and we're enjoying the air conditioning, sweet tea, and kolaches.

As is tradition on Fridays, I have some color inspiration for you...

If you follow our color palettes, you'll know I have a thing for succulents. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when the movers told us they wouldn't take any of our live plants—including our 10+ pots and planters of colorful, desert-dwelling friends. (Yes. Friends.) I'd spent the last five years "curating" my little collection, and now I had to leave them behind... Bum. Mer.

In lieu of abandoning them completely, we carved out space in the car for two boxes of clippings. Even if I couldn't take all of them, at least I could transplant a few of the good ones. Sadly, they're not as happy here as they were in California, but I'm hoping they rebound after getting over the shock.

Please stay tuned for our official re-opening announcement - we promise it's just around the corner!

Happy Friday and Helloooooo, Texas!

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