a globe-inspired color palette

a globe-inspired color palette // light teal, blue, peach, tan [pinit]


Last month, Andrew and I finally had a chance to get out and explore Austin a bit, so my first request was to visit Uncommon Objects. Of course, there were five million things that made me ooh and ahh—one of which was this globe.

We had a similar globe growing up, and I remember how I used to run my fingers over the bumpy mountains. Did you ever spin it as fast as possible, then try to stop it on a dime with your index finger and guess what city you landed on? I did.

I love the way the muted tones are illuminated from within...the teals, blues, peaches, and tans create a wonderful and warm palette for map lovers!

Happy Friday!

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P.S. Sorry for missing last week - things are super busy here!