a winter-inspired color palette

a winter-inspired color palette // brown, tan, gray, white // photo by Mutt Love Photography [pinit]


Teann of Mutt Love Photography was actually a winner of one of our very first photo contests. If she didn't live so far away, I have a feeling our love of animals would make us immediate friends. :)

Though this particular photo is lacking one of her usual furry subjects, I couldn't help but be drawn to its simplicity. The ice atop the branches is just so delicate and beautiful...and the reddish-browns look lovely against the white and gray.

Thank you for another wonderful submission, Mutt Love!


BROWN #3B1314 / RED-BROWN #902B15 / TAN #AC8D72/ LT GRAY #CAC7C0 / DK GRAY #908780


Happy WINTER Friday!