a pumpkin-inspired color palette

dracula domo pumpkin color palette | orange and tan [pinit]


First and foremost, I can't take credit for the amazing idea of using plastic dracula teeth to decorate a mini pumpkin; I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and knew then and there I had to try it myself. The best part is, it reminds me of a dracula domo, and everyone who attended our wedding knows Andrew and I have a special place in our hearts for those. (Um, domos, that is, not dracula domos.)

I will also say that, though Andrew is a "numbers kind of guy," he surprises me time and time again with his creativity. Guess which one I made, and guess which one he made (as a reaction to mine). :)

On that note, here is your pumpkin-inspired color palette, two days early! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!