a fox-inspired color palette

a fox-inspired color palette // dark brown, faded black, coyote tan, light tan, snow gray, fox red [pinit]


Animal trends crack me up. First it was the owl. Then the whale. Then the fox (and maybe the hedgehog). Then dinosaurs. Now it's the unicorn...and, in some circles, the narwhal. Since photos of dinosaurs and unicorns are in short supply, I am backtracking a bit to pay homage to the handsome fox.

(Crossing my fingers the wooly mammoth is next.)




Happy Fox Friday!

a garden-rose-inspired color palette

a garden-rose-inspired color palette // red, pink, mint, gray, white, polka dots [pinit]


One of my "work duties" every week is to find inspiration for Friday color palettes. Last Thursday, Andrew and I made a trip to Central Market, where a small bunch of bright, pinkish-red garden roses caught my eye. Upon returning home, my plan to take a few simple photos quickly turned into a 30-minute styling session with espresso cups and mini silverware. I love how the white and silver surroundings really make that beautiful red POP.

Of course, I couldn't publish a color palette of just red, pink, and white, so I added a light gray with reddish hues, a mint accent color, and polka dot pattern.

Happy Friday!

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a sea-glass-inspired color palette

a sea-glass-inspired color palette // pastels // white, green, blue [pinit]


Nothing is prettier or more uplifting than the colors of sea glass washed ashore...

This week's color palette is inspired by glass collected from Lake Eerie. I love the icy aquamarines, cloudy whites, and emerald greens accompanied by punches of brown and royal blue.

Ahhh...I'm ready for a summer vacation!!

Happy Weekend!