a trattoria-inspired color palette

a trattoria-inspired color palette // pastels, coral, gray, mint, aqua [pinit]


I'm just not sure if Italy is charming enough.

Whether it's a feral cat sitting in a doorway or a weathered sign on a patched-up, centuries-old building, this country is filled with a kind of beauty you simply can't find in the States.

I'll share more photos from our trip over the next few weeks, but we'll start things off with a color palette of faded-red-turned-coral, cement gray, and pistachio green. Happy Friday!




Murano, Italy

a wedding-bouquet-inspired color palette

a wedding-bouquet-inspired color palette // deep brown, blue, mint, peach [pinit]


If you've seen our wedding photos, you're aware of three of my loves :: succulents, coral, and the beach. I've never met Devon Michelle, but from this submission you'd think she knew exactly how to get my attention. From peachy-pink coral to the teal-gray blue, I love the the contrast of colors and textures.

What amazes me about this photo is how it captures the temperature of the day. The setting is clearly seaside, but something about it feels cool and crisp...like walking on the beach early in the morning.


BROWN #3C211C / TEAL #507870  / LT GRAY-BLUE #B2C2BA  / MINT #CFD5B2  / CORAL #F9835B


Devon Michelle is based out of Tacoma, WA. For more info, please visit her website. The beautiful bouquet of roses and succulents was created by Wisteria's Floral in Lake Oswego, WA.

Happy Friday!

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