a Positano-inspired color palette

a Positano-inspired color palette // summer pastels of aqua, peach, and yellow [pinit]


My brain is officially on summer vacation because I forgot to post this last week!

When I was studying abroad in Bologna, a friend came to visit from Paris and I still remember this comment she made: "Italy is so...colorful!" And indeed it is! Looking at this photo I wonder if neighbors coordinated with each other to create their hillside palette. :)

Happy Thursday (pretending it's last Friday)!




Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

a blueberry-inspired color palette

a summer-blueberry-inspired color palette // navy, blue, gray, taupe, green [pinit]


Last week, we went to The Peached Tortilla's first ever pop-up dinner at Stonehouse Villa, and it was amazing! The venue, décor, food, and beer pairings made for a fun night out, and we're so appreciate of the effort put into the event. Despite the fact that I hate being "that Asian girl who takes pictures of her food," I took a few snapshots of our meal (as discreetly as possible) with my phone. The crostini with blueberries over my striped dress created such a wonderful palette for summer. The crunchy bite of sweet & tart was delicious, too!

Highlights included the BEST papaya salad I've ever had and a handwritten thank you note for attending.

Peached Tortilla Pop-Up Dinner at Stonehouse Village